Reaching our first anniversary

It’s truly remarkable that in the midst of an economic turn down so many people around the world have believed in our dream of bringing back the Archtop Tenor Guitar. Our first year hit some bumps and pot holes along the way but with the support of incredible people, we managed to keep the wheels on and grow. I can’t thank each of our incredible customers enough for your support, your continued emails and for believing in us.

As we look back a year ago today, the dream of an archtop was simply a drawing on a napkin. Without the encouragement and support of my beautiful bride of 34 years, this would have never happened. Now as we enter our second year, we will see the expansion of our vintage, heirloom quality guitars.

The Delta Po’Boy Model 216D ( Deluxe) acoustic archtop will be joined by two additional models by late spring. The 216R ( Rubbed Natural finish) is hand rubbed to bring out the grain of the Sitka Spruce boldly and warm giving it an aged appearance. The 216B ( Evening Sunset) reflects the warm tone colours of vintage acoustic archtops from the 1940’s. Each of these models will be finished in satin lacquer with no F hole binding. Not only do we match the tones and voicing of collectable Archtop guitars, now we’ve matched their aged appearance.

The highly anticipated 265 0 Body Flat top will soon be ready to go into production. We’ll be offering the opportunity to help us advance production though preorders very soon. Our goal is by late spring orders will be filled and we’ll be seeing folks sharing video on Youtube.

The Tenor Guitar is truly an incredible instrument and the community of players around the world have embraced its vast flexibility in tunings and how it blends so well into so many genre of music. All of us at Craven Tenor Guitars are so thankful to be apart of this enormousness and welcoming family.

Welcome to a bright and wonderful year ahead.

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