Growing list of professional players

I enjoy hearing any of our customers playing their guitars. They’ve connected with their instrument and they express themselves though 4 simple strings. What could make a person more proud that to see others content and enjoying their Craven Tenor Guitar.

The range of skills of our customers run from new players to performing artists and when you see their videos you can tell they’re feeling connected.

Check out John Cotton of the the John Cotton Trio with his John Lawlor Signature Jazz guitar Model350JLS V. I’ve love to attend a performance and just sit back and listen.

There’s Charlie Redman, part of the dynamic duo of Kitten and the Tonics who serves up Rockabilly, Blues, Surf and so much more. He’s stomping out, “My babe” on his 216D Delta Po’Boy Acoustic here:

And when they plug in, Boy do they make Big Jake Model 327 Sing. I mean really, who needs 6 strings when 4 is plenty enough? There’s no sitting around here, its up on the dance floor feeling the beat!

When it’s time just to hang at home folks like Mo Gunn and John Lawlor himself pick up their Craven Tenors and fill their living rooms with music.

And for the true vintage sound, Patrick plugs in his Big Jake ( the first Craven Guitar in Europe) and simply has a great time.

Dont be afraid to subscribe to these folks channels, there’s a lot of music in them and I know they’d appreciate you stopping back in.

There’s few instruments that can grow with you like a Tenor Guitar. If you dabble in multiple tunings you can tune like a baritone ukulele, a Dulcimer, Mandolin, Fiddle, almost anything you want to bring to the table. There’s nothing like finding that voice inside you and expressing yourself though your own Tenor guitar.

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