The Craven XLR8 Equalizer

Our XLR8 preamp equalizer brings a new world to our 265 Series 0 Body, you’ll have incredible plugged-in tone plus exceptional tone shaping right at your fingertips. Bass, mid, and treble tone controls instantly dial up your ideal sound. A notch filter helps eliminate the possibility of feedback during live performances, a brilliance control cleans your mix and adds additional shaping plus the onboard phase control helps solve phase problems when recording. The LED built-in tuner is easy to read under the spot light or sofa playing while you compose your next hit.


  • Small footprint, clean easy to access
  • Volume control readily found even in the glare of the spot light
  • Bass, Middle and Treble control knobs to dial in your exact sound
  • Built-in tuner with LED display
  • Phase switch
  • Low battery indicator ~ life expectancy of approx 60 hours of play
  • Single hole design pivots allowing instant 9-Volt battery access
  • Strap plug receiver for standard 1/4 inch cords
  • Low profile control knobs
  • Onboard anti-feedback control (Notch)
  • Brilliance control for additional tone shaping

    *Coming to the 216 series in 2023.

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