An incredible week of growth ( and wider necks too)

Thank you to all those who have now pre ordered the Shari Ulrich Songbird model 265B. The timeless looks of the hand rubbed heirloom black has captured the imagination of those wanting a beautiful O body guitar. Two of the three 265 Songbirds have moved into production. Those Pre ordering will receive an autographed Shari Ulrich CD. They’ll be shipping in early May, 2023.

We have been listening to the feedback of our loyal customers. Many have asked that we consider wider necks for some of our models and we’ve been listening.
The 216 Deltal Po’Boy is coming back in May with some incredible new features. First off, the finish is now satin to bring a more authentic look. No more F hole binding because that’s simply too glamorous. Two colour options that reflect historical archtops complement the celluloid tortoise shell binding and to protect your investment, a lush hardshell case.
The incorporation of the XLR8 Equalizer means you’ll be heard on stage or when recording. And as suggested by our customers, we’ve increased our Nut width by 30% . Now with a 39MM nut, you’ve got plenty of room to make your way over the neck. String spacing is a very relaxed 11mm, ideal for slide, Slack key and your favorite genre of music. Our first shipment arrives in early May, watch for updates.

The other New model getting the wide nut treatment is our model 283 Le Belle Creole resonator. No longer big and cumbersome, Le Belle Creole is a comfortable and well balanced O body size guitar. Defined in its looks by abalone purfling, cream and black binding, inset Craven wound P90 pick up, lush Cognac, the 1938 Zephyr tuning knobs complete the vintage look. While you can see the 1930’s National style hubcap is perfectly symmetrical for the body, inside rests our own hand spun aluminum cone. Our Tweed style Lush hardshell case will honor your investment with the protection it deserves. Watch for its first delivery to begin in July, 2023.

Our final Model for 2023 has just left the design board and is in the hands of R and D to create the templates for Model 396 The Troubadour. This is truly a work of art, like a Rembrandt forgery, it has all the looks of a well preserved Elderly Jazz guitar thats been safely protected for years yet is updated with the latest quality hand spun Craven P90. The rich heirloom Black reveals the solid Sitka and warm, rich mahogany color and tones without smothering them. It’s only on close inspections that people will discover these are limited edition modern Tenor guitars.
The wide 39mm Neck and 11mm string spacing makes it a dream to play. The expressive Abalone Purfling and fret markers are a throwback to the most elegant guitars played in speak easies and Jazz clubs of 1930’s Paris and New York. The body inserted 4 post P90 rests low in the body keeping action comfortable to play. At your fingertips are the 1938 Zephyr knobs positioned on the 4mm Tortoise shell scratch plate. As you take the stage and open the Lush tweed hardshell case, your fellow band mates in the orchestra will know that you mean business. Coming Early September, 2023.

Craven Tenor Guitars will always strive to create and craft the most beautiful Tenor guitars that are set apart from others by their quality of materials, hand crafted workmanship, innovative designs that are incorporated into vintage looking heirloom guitars. We will continue to craft in limited quantities to assure quality over quantity and keep our prices honest and reasonable. Interested in our business ethics? Read our About Us page to understand our 3 pillars of business.

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