The 265V ~ Vintage Sunrise Shari Ulich Songbird.

The final addition to the Shari Ulrich Songbird Series is the 265V ~ Vintage Sunrise has now moved into production complementing the 265N and 265B. Each one more beautiful than the other, where does one begin. Each one reflects the timeless qualities of the original O Body with upgrades and unique qualities of their own. Is there anything that sets the Shari Ulrich Songbird apart? Just read on.

There was no reinventing the wheel when it came to size. The O body is perfect in its resonance, weight and balance. The original woods were respectfully selected at the time and, they have remained the benchmark of quality. Other manufacturers have altered their wood selection and produce their versions to meet their market goals. We choose to keep with the best hand selected Sitka Spruce and Mahogany available. It’s more expensive but the results can be seen and heard.

The Songbird represents a new generation of O body, building on the proven standards and elevating those standards to a different level. From the neck to the strap plug in, we’ve taken a fresh approach in what our Songbird offers.

Shari Ulrich requires the ability to plug in while performing in large venues. Craven has addressed this with our XLR8 Equalizer by Cherub. For the first time, an O body is now equipped with proven electronics that are stage quality. While its bright solid Sitka Spruce and solid Mahogany is pleasantly full voiced when unplugged, the onboard equalizer introduces a whole new dimension of playing possibilities.

In conjunction with Shari, we’ve developed 3 color variations that uniquely set the Shari Ulrich Songbird apart. The warm Vintage Sunrise is a salute to the colors found on the original O body but varied to our specifications. Our Natural Blonde glows a reflective blonde highlighting the beautiful tone rich Sitka Spruce grain. Our unique Heirloom Black took a year to perfect and rather than hiding the grain under layers of thick paint, our artisans hand apply and blot our seasoned stain into the wood to create warm tones that you would find in a much cherished family heirloom thats been handed down over generations. There truly is nothing like it.

Complementing the beautiful looks is Abalone purfling on the front, wrapped in warm vintage cream and black binding. Rosettes in Abalone draw your eyes to the detailed craftsmanship that include premium Abalone inlay Ebony string pegs in the bridge.

The neck finished in rosewood is complemented in Abalone fret markers and vintage cream and black binding.

Unlike other O body Tenor guitars, the Shari Ulrich Songbird is the first to use Canadian Hard Maple as our neck wood for long life, durability and reduced risk of climate variations. Hidden inside is our truss rod to assure you of easier adjustments over the coarse of its lifetime. Rather than expensive luthier neck resets most adjustments can be done with a simple truss rod adjustment.

Shari insisted on protecting your investment in a premium hardshell locking case. The embroidery on the tweed style lush hardshell case complements its distinguished looks. We would craft nothing less than professional musician quality and you’ll feel it the moment you remove your Songbird from its case.

If you play a mandolin, a dulcimer, a fiddle, a banjo, a baritone Ukulele or even a 6 string guitar you will feel right at home tuned to your desire, while sitting on your living room sofa or in the spotlight on stage.

The Shari Ulrich Songbird is priced at $849.00 U.S. including case. Our first production run will be completed and available in May. If you believe in quality, you can pre-order yours today in both a left and right player model.

Please welcome, the Shari Ulrich Songbird Signature Tenor Guitar. For pre-order details you can email:

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