Another Professional Artist meets Craven

I’m so thrilled that Mr. Michael August is joining the Craven Tenor Guitar family. His name may be new to you but those in the know, know his music well.
In his musical treasure chest hides a mandolin, tenor and baritone ukuleles, tenor banjo, guitar, and harmonicas. Michael is fluent in all of them and now that he’s adding his 327B Big Jake to his arsenal, you can be sure there is magic to come.
I first chatted with Michael possibly 4 years ago when I was looking at a resonator uke. I was instantly taken by his knowledge, skill and the kindness he showed to a complete newbie. Those 4 years have only amplified his generosity and skills.
Michael plays at many festivals in his Wisconsin/ Illinois region and the genre of music he plays is wide-ranging and eloquently mastered. Doc Watson, Eric Bibb, so many greats have inspired his and you can hear it clearly in his performances.

When you have a moment, check out his Youtube channel for some of his music and be sure to subscribe to it and watch for Tenor guitar music to come. I know we’re all going to be blown away.

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  1. You are where you are today because you are AWESOME! Not only are your tenors remarkable, but the customer care is unlike any I’ve ever experienced. I feel like I want to move to BC if there are others as great over there! Thank you!

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