Michael August Joins the Craven Tenor Guitar Family

We’re thrilled to have Michael August join the Craven Tenor guitar family. The well-known multi-talented musician from Illinois is well-established in the Wisconsin and Illinois music scene. Tenor Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar, Harmonica, Dobro slide ukulele and Tenor Guitar are all instruments that Mike is very versed in playing. As a musical mentor, Michael loves sharing his passion for the many instruments in which he is fluent. Mike’s the kind of guy who loves seeing others excel and succeed playing their instruments and truly embraces the positive giving nature of a kindly tutor. You can find his Youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/@MichaelAugust ) watch for Tenor tutorials for all levels of players from Michael here on our channel and on our website at http://www.craventenorguitars.com.
Michael is presently working on his first batch of tutorials that we’ll bring to you shortly. And if you’re wondering, you have a good idea who the first person was to pre order a Le Belle Creole Resonator!

Welcome Michael August and thank you in advance for the music you bring and for the tutorials we’ll all learn from.

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