Vintage Sunrise Shari Ulrich Songbird

It’s truly difficult to choose favorites. Each of the three 265 Models have such unique heirloom feelings about them. The tight grain of the Solid Sitka Spruce is always the highlight both in its resonating tone and impeccable good looks. The 265S ~ Vintage Sunrise model captures the bright dawn of morning, fresh and full of promise. Always, every detail is given full attention during the crafting process right down to the Abalone String pins and the custom-made, embroidered Hard shell case. Our XLR8 equalizer by Cherub is fitted with our own custom pick up made to our specifications, not just a rehashed 6 string pickup for the brightest high notes and warmest deep low notes, always adjustable at your fingertips and never shrill or muddy. Driven by Shari Ulrich’s demands for stage performance quality and the ability to dial in the sound you want. The vintage-style tween locking case assures you of long life and protection of your investment for years to come.

The 265S ~ Vintage Sunrise is available in Electro-acoustic, Fully acoustic and LEFT handed Electro Acoustic versions.

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