the 265B ~ Heirloom Black Shari Ulrich Songbird

Shari Ulrich’s personal choice from the Songbird Series, the Heirloom black Songbird is the image of the famous O body that never was, until now. Created in the tradition of the finest 0 Body Tenor ever made, the Songbird series is nothing but requisite craftsmanship that is handmade blending the finest sound woods available today.

The 265B is carefully crafted to have the warm soft wood finish found only in guitars crafted nearly 100 years ago. Hand rubbed wood stains are eased into the solid Sitka Spruce and gracefully buffed to reveal the beautiful wood grain rather than washing it away or hiding it behind solid paint. The dark Heirloom Black shows thin allowing warm rich browns and wood grain to show through the black top surface. This very unique process makes every 265B unique yet consistently beautiful. Unlike relic guitars made to look road worn, battered and beaten, the Heirloom Black Songbird has the appearance of a treasured family heirloom passed among generations. Unlock the lush tweed hardshell case and inside awaits an O body Tenor guitar that’s part time traveler, part future family heirloom and 100% beautiful professional quality Songbird Tenor Guitar.

Hand selected aged solid Sitka Spruce adorns the top to present bright tones and resonate in a loud voice that’s clear without being shrill. The hand picked solid Mahogany back reverberates in warm rich tones that can only be achieved by the finest of guitars. The beauty of the woods are embellished with abalone binding. Combined together, the Songbird is ideal for the writer, entertainer or novice player who values heirloom quality over mass produced commodity guitars.

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