Mo Gunn’s exquisite performance of Love Has No Pride

Here at Craven Tenor Guitars, we’re always so thrilled when Mo Gunn shares a video on our 265 Shari Ulrich Songbird or when she plays her 327 Big Jake. We’re forever impressed by her talent and honest humility.
Here’s what Mo has to say about this particular video. “I know that many are waiting for their Songbird ship to come in, and it is hard to wait… so I hope I’m not boring you with these sound bites. My recording skills aren’t that great, but today I tried capturing a bit more ‘ring’ out of the guitar. I aimed the mic up the fretboard a bit – near the 10-11th to accentuate that. The down side is a lot more finger noise. Previous acoustic recordings were between 12 and 14th giving what I think is a more rounded sound. I dunno… Just having fun with this.”

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