Meet John Lawlor in person and enjoy a live performance.

Truly the man who through social media and YouTube inspired a new generation of Tenor Guitar players, John Lawlor is a Tenor Guitar Icon.
Quiet and even bashful in nature, with a Tenor guitar in his lap John opens up a world of music with his multi-dimensional playing.
Craven Tenor Guitars is honored to craft the 350JLS John Lawlor Signature Tenor Jazz Guitar and crafted the design under his supervision with his direct input. You have an opportunity to attend his workshop and also catch a live performance in Astoria, Oregon.

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To fully understand why John is a legend and rightfully in the Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame, enjoy John Lawlors many recordings for Craven Tenor Guitars, follow this link:

In June 2-4th, you can attend his workshop and have the opportunity to hear him perform live on his 350JLS Natural Blonde at the Tenor Guitar Gathering in Astoria, Oregon. For details check out

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