Nylon Strings on a Shari ulrich 265? Sure, Why not!

Miss Linda Anne, this message is for you but other folk have asked the same question so you’re not alone. You’re mom shared your video with me and she says you’ve progressed with your baritone ukulele and now your thinking of switching to a Tenor Guitar. Congratulations and I hope I can answer some of your questions in this video.
Can you put Nylon strings on a 265 Songbird, well, absolutely. Nylon strings have much less tension than the steel strings that the 265 is made for. Baritone ukuleles are like classical guitars, they’re not braced for steel strings so they will become damaged if you try to switch from Nylon to Steel strings. The 265 Shari Ulrich Songbird is crafted with a truss rod in the neck for strength and adjustment and the body is fortified with proper bracing to accommodate the high tension of even heavy steel strings.

If you were to replace the steel strings on your 265 Songbird the only thing you may need to do is switch out the nut for a nut carved for your size of strings as they will be thicker than the steel strings our nut is carved for. It’s not an expensive trip to the luthier to have that done. Now, one thing to remember is the electronics will not pick up the sound of your Nylon strings so if you plan on staying with acoustic playing , choose one of our Acoustic 265 models. Your mom didn’t mention if you’re left or right-handed. If you’re left-handed, our left-hand models are Electro Acoustic only. If you’re right-handed, the 265 comes in Electro-Acoustic ( with the built in ELR8 Equilizer) or Acoustic.

The benefit of starting with Nylon strings is you’ll get accustomed to the 23 inch scale, it’s a little longer than you’ve played up until now. Then as you build confidence and you’re ready, you can switch back to steel strings. Not to worry, you can start with light strings and the 265 will accommodate any string variations you want to try. I know that as you play, you’ll discover the possibilities ahead of you with your Model 265. One day you may want to learn tunings like a Tenor banjo, a mandolin, a fiddle, who knows? You’re 265 will grow with you.

Keep making music, you’re a wonderful player and I really enjoyed listening to your music ( I love your big smile when you completed playing Edith Piaf’s, “non, je ne regrette rien”)

Best wishes,
Ledfreddie Nelson

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  1. I’m so excited to discover your guitars! I am a tenor lover ❤️ I’m do intend to purchase a Craven tenor in the near future 🙂

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