Defined Beauty crafted for Left handed players ~ without penalty

Introducing the Shari Ulrich 265 L electro-coustic Series crafted for our Left handed friends.
Crafted to be with you on your musical journey, the 265L series embraces the authentic O body sound woods, construction and modeling of the historic guitars made famous by Folk players of the 1960s, the Songbird combines traditional with contemporary for a guitar you’ll cherish.

Under Shari Ulrich’s direction, Craven has crafted the Songbird to be stage ready. Our XLR8 equalizer by Cherub is subtly nestled within reach to dial in the exact tones you want from your guitar. The onboard tuner prompts you to the exact pitch you’re wishing to achieve. The barn door style means only one slot is cut into the body, housing both the equalizer and battery. We’ve hidden the plug in comfortably in the strap plug.

True to our quest for heirloom quality, the sound woods are selected by hand for their tight grain and esthetic qualities. Our Solid Sitka Spruce and Solid Mahogany are defined by their aging and curing before crafting begins to assure longevity and brilliant tones. Ethically sourced Abalone embellishes the binding, Rosette and fret markers to provide distinctive eye-catching warmth without being garish.

The three colour tones were selected to create the heirloom colour pallet that on first glance will kindle the look of rare 100 year old guitars, carefully stored under your grandmother’s brass bed. Our exclusive Heirloom Black looks warm and worn, exposing the Sitka underneath. our Moring Sunrise resembled the coveted shaded paint scheme of rare 1930s O bodies ( one is listed on line in near mint condition for $9,500 U.S). Our Natural Sitka tone has mysterious chameleon aspects to it. In bright daylight, the Sitka shows its beautiful white tone and yet, under evening light, a warm golden glow appears adding intrigue to this beautiful instrument.

Craven Tenor Guitars have many left-handed friends ( and co-workers) that have all said they often feel penalized for being Left handed. That the have grown accustomed to paying more for something made for their fellow south paws. Craven’s not going to charge you a Left hand penalty. Our 265 L series Shari Ulrich Songbird was made for you. No upcharge, no additional cost because you are you. That’s just how it should be.

Meet your Forever Left Hand Guitar today.

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