Traditional Acoustic Version of the shari ulrich 265 now available

The traditionalists will love this model for its grassroots, authentic size, tonewoods and cord-free performance. Our Acoustic version of the Shari Ulrich 265 is everything traditionally hand-crafted into this O body Size masterpiece and individually presented to you in our heirloom quality standards.
The Songbird series is crafted by hand in limited series, not mass-produced. This allows us to select individual pieces of tonewoods used to craft your guitar. We select the tightest grain Solid Sitka, the warmest grain solid Mahogany and the strongest Canadian Maple to craft a guitar that will be your pride for years to come. Even our Abalone binding is selected and purchased from farm-raised, Food first suppliers to assure no wild Abalone is used. We have one world, we’re trying to keep our footprint small.

The color pallet is unique to Craven Tenor Guitars. From our Heirloom Black and Vintage Sunrise to our intriguing Sitka Satin finish, each of our Songbirds have the look and feel of those incredible vintage Tenor guitars made famous reaching back as early as 1937. Our tweed style hard shell case will protect your investment when you’re not playing to assure it will be found among your family heirlooms.

Take the time to come meet your new Acoustic Guitar, There’s one waiting for you today.

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