Bridging the void between genres, That’s the Songbird.

Gospel, Folk, Contemporary, Blues, Jazz, TinPan, Celtic. Can one guitar bridge the gap between all genres? Possibly, but it’s always dependent on the hands that play it. Having a guitar that’s crafted to be the vessel that can bind them all is partly the key.

The Shari Ulrich Songbird in its variety of Standard and Left-handed Electro-acoustic and fully acoustic models is where it all begins. In your skillful hands is where the magic begins. We provide premium quality to support your passion for playing the Guitar that’s crafted to be heirloom quality while being affordable. There are no upcharges for things like accommodating our Left handed players or the premium hardshell case that’s lush interior protects your investment.

From classical Beatles to Ray Charles, Mo Gunn has shared her incredible playing on her 265B Electro-cousitic on yourtube. Please check out her version of the Beatles, ” MyLife” and when there subscribe to her channel.

Left handed players, stay tuned to the bottom of our page for something special for you.

We’re thrilled to hear this impromptu performance by Gavin Mcnutt on his newly acquired 265N. You’ve seen his performances shared in Facebook groups and on youtube so you know his incredible skills. Gavin was prompted to modify his guitar with heavier strings (11/18/26/32) to accommodate his favorite tuning. During our initial bench testing and set up, we string all our Tenor guitars with 10/14/22/32 to accommodate most individual players tunings. Check out Gavin’s impromptu rendition of Wondering Minstrel and Kinnegard Slashers.

Check out the full line of Shari Ulrich 265 Songbird Guitars today.

We know you’re often nailed with additional charges just for being you. We don’t charge more for our left-crafted guitars, that’s simply wrong.
RIGHT NOW, we welcome you to our Craven Family with a special $100 OFF our regular price to award your uniqueness.
No Coupons, Special Codes or secret handshakes involved… simply $100 OFF between now and June 30th ( or while supplies last).

Check them all out here:

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