Updates on the 2023 product line

Hard to believe we’ve reached the end of July already. Most of my day is spent on the keyboard, studying and designing and rarely, sometimes playing too.
The Vancouver Port work action has slowed things down for us considerably but by mid August we’ll be back on track.
Model 216 ~ Sister Etta _ coming in August.
Model 265 ~ Shari Ulrich Songbird 40mm neck models and refill of 30mm neck inventory- Coming in September
Models 327 / 350 JLS – Invenoty updates coming in August
Model 1919 – Parlor side 40mm neck Tenor – Prototype coming in August for final inspection – Production date to be determined.
Model 283 – Le Belle Creole Prortype arriving in August- Production coming shortly there after.
Model 1922 – Our High end 18 inch Limited production Jazz Archtop – Prototype coming in November- release updates to follow

Our resonator has been fun to play with. From dropping the Spyder cone to the classier authentic tone of the biscuit cone we turned it into an authentic 1920’s hot shot. Then we started playing with pick ups. We’ve moved away from the overkill of the mini humbucker to dual Hot rails that didnt look right so to find the best of both worlds, the good old Lipstick pickup is cleanly embedded in her Solid mahogany body. Remember the 283 is an o body size resonator so too much can quickly become too much. Once I’ve got it in my hands I get to play a bit and pass it along to Michael August to bless… then we hit production.

And what’s that about an 18 inch Huge Jazz machine? Yes, it’s in the works. A beautiful 1948 visioned masterpiece that will be our flagship, crafted in very limited numbers. More on that later.
Get out and enjoy summer folks, take your Craven Tenor Guitar with you, it’ll get lonely sitting at home.

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