the great release!

Im so grateful to have the support of customers who have been long-suffering, waiting for their guitars that have been delayed by covid outbreaks and port workers going on strike. Its wonderful to finally be filling these orders this coming week.

I have to share an apology for not having the inventory on hand that I should. Frankly, I underestimated the acceptance and demand but after a year and half, of playing catch up, I’m finally getting the hang of this. My head is so wrapped around design and implementation that I have a hard time judging demand, but Im getting there. I’ll always be a part of Craven, always in direct contact with owners and customers with questions. I’m old school that way, I know people want to know the person invested in something, the real person who is accountable rather than an automated sales bot or customer service desk. Next week after all orders are filled I’ll be thrilled to release Sister Etta, Model 216. Her vivacious contours are elegant and her neck is shapely. I hope you’ll tune into a live- unscripted release soon.

Every night my mind wakes me to remind me how lucky I am to be a part of the Tenor Guitar Revival, how such incredible people around the world share the music they play on their Cravens. There’s so much ahead of us, so much music and wonders unknown. Stay tuned.

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