Get to know Sister Etta

She’s not just another pretty face, there’s a great deal of old fashioned “wood technology” that makes her an outstanding, robust archtop Tenor guitar. The sound woods are selected to give her a brilliant voice that’s not brash. The solid Sitka Front quivers when played announce the higher note frequencies. Our in-house, hand-stratified Mahogany back and sides resonate the lower tone frequencies in the fashion used by the great Stativari in his violins. There is no laminated or plywood used in the construction of any of our guitars, instead, each piece is hand selected for tight grain and unique characteristics. The mighty Canadian hard Maple Neck complements the body tonewoods in an unsurpassed trinity of soundwood.

Our hybrid 2 wood floating bridge clarifies both the high and low frequencies of notes. The rosewood bridge is mounted with a Canadian Hardwood Maple saddle that voices the stings more eloquently than a single wood bridge as used in production guitars of the past.
The 1 5/8 inch ( 40mm) neck we call our Baritone neck is made for easy playing for those with large hands, arthritic fingers and individuals who love open spaces for note selection and slide playing. The baritone neck provides plenty of room for sting bending if you are so inclined.
The F holes are cleanly presented without binding to allow your visible verification of the real Sitka Spruce we use and to reduce the vibration restriction that binding can cause in F holes. The neck is both bolt-on and conceals a truss rod to assure you long life and the ability to adjust your guitar with the changing of climate conditions. Only premium hard fret wire is used to ensure longevity. Pink mother of pearl fret markers show as off white and are approved for all European countries rather than plastic fret inserts.

Presented to you in its own custom made Hardshell case, Our Sister Etta Natural Blonde is limited to 5 hand made guitars, each individually crafted by a select team of luthiers.

Sister Etta’s Specifications:

Model 216 Sister Etta Series
-216N Natural Blonde – Available Now!
-216B Heirloom Black
-216V Vintage Sun Burst

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