Le Belle Creole Resonator Update

When we set out on this design, our goal was to recreate the true sounds of early 1940’s Resonator guitars. This has meant creating key components rather than simply grabbing something off the self.

For example, our volume and tone control knobs. They’re our very own reproduction 1930’s Zepher Radio knobs crafted out of phenolic resin for long life rather than plastic. While that may seem cosmetic, it’s about crafting that lifelong heirloom quality rather than quickly bringing something to market.

Then there’s the issue of true resonator tone. We wanted the honest, original sound of early Resonators. That meant moving away from the usual spyder cone style you find in mainstream guitars marketed today. While these are great, they produce a sound much more appropriate for country music. We wanted the early, earthy sound you’ll find in early blues, Cajun/Creole music and vintage Hawain. To get that meant designing our Le Belle Creole with a Biscuit-style cone. The design part was simple, but getting the right cone proved to be a challenge.

We tried multiple cones and to be honest, we found them rather dull. They’re mass-produced, thick and actually quite cheaply made. So that meant finding a manufacturer who would press our cones to our specifications in quantities that wouldn’t exceed our lifetime sales goals. That step alone took 3 months of research and trials to get the perfect cone what rings clear and bright. It also meant finding a pristine National Biscuit cone to honor.

We can’t forget the hubcap. With our new cone in hand we quested to find the proper fitting hubcap. There are multiple cheap hubcaps out there that are a dime a dozen but with our investment to date, it was go big or go home. We found a manufacturer who will reproduce a vintage hubcap again, to our specifications and triple dip them during the chroming process to guarantee a brilliant surface that will last.

Let’s get into the electronics because that’s another one-of-a-kind item. As you may know, our P90 pickups we incorporate into our 327 and 350JLS models are true 4 post, hand-wound specifically and exclusively for us. We again have crafted our very own adjustable pole, 4 post pick-ups. They are punchy, loud and clear. Cleanly mounted under the top wood to keep the face of LeBelle Creole beautiful and simple.

Our custom-made component list includes our Ebony Tailpiece. There are plenty of cheap 4 string tin tailpieces out there but they’re single-dip chrome, look shoddy, and are, well to be frank, cheap. Our precision hand-crafted tailpieces in ebony are in themselves works of art. Lastly, the Hardshell case has to have that vintage 1930’s flair to it too.

We’ve lost sleep, crafted and disposed of 4 prototypes to finally get to the finishing line. Now the final Protoype will meet its designer and begin its trials including the final sound checks and artist trials. Once we have completed all the final inspections and trials, dotted our i’s and crossed our T’s you’ll get to see and hear the finished product and we’ll move into the PRE ORDER stage. I expect that to be in December this year with delivery in May, 2024. Just in time for sitting on your back porch in spring, with your hound dog at your feet and the beautiful LeBelle Creole singing to you.

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