Celebrate John Lawlor. All 350JLS on sale while supplies last

Truly the patriarch of Tenor jazz today, John Lawlors smooth transitions and eloquent performance is perfectly portrayed on his signature model, the 350JLS John Lalwor Signature Tenor Guitar. Crafted in the finest hand-selected Solid Sitka Spruce, Solid Mahogany and Canadian Maple, The 350JLS is a confident and trustworthy Heirloom Jazz guitar like no other available today.

Available in 3 color pallets, the 350JLS is your virtual time machine to a time when quality was a priority, value for your hard-earned dollar was present and manufacturers made customer satisfaction their priority. At Craven Tenor Guitars those principles have never changed.

Right now you can save $300 off your 350JLS by purchasing from our available inventory. Sorry no back orders are available and the sale is subject to available inventory only.

Check out the 350JLS today at

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