Sister Etta is the true sound of old plantation verandas in the early evening.

We set out to craft Sister Etta with her long 1 5/8″ wide neck, voluptuous contoured body and warm vintage colors to be the guitar favored by early blues players from the Mississippi Delta. Warm tones but not muffled, bright tones but not shrill and the vision of a guitar captured by a brownie black and white photograph from the past.
The Baritone neck provides smooth playing and cord progressions anywhere along the neck. Deep inside, the truss rod assures you’ll be able to adjust it as required as she travels your musical journey with you. Solid Sitka provides her earthy rich colors and tones while hand stratified Mahogany front and back resonate in equal color and tones.
Open the hardshell tweed style case and inside rests the protected Sister Etta, always ready to sing. With the beautiful looks of a vintage guitar well protected and loved, not mistreated and worn.

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