Interested in finding Finger Freedom?

For some people, the original tenor guitar neck of 30mm is too narrow to feel comfortable playing. If you’re not comfortable its hard to finger-pick quickly, cord comfortably up and down the neck or play for extended hours like you know you want to. If you’ve developed hand or figure issues over the years causing discomfort while you play, a wide neck can bring you relief.

At 1 5/8 inches wide, the Baritone neck provides seasoned players with plenty of finger space for quick playing, smooth transitions, and incredible slide spacing. For folks with wide hands and large fingers, you’ll love the wide-open spaces. If you admit to being sloppy at your chord progressions, you’ll feel an instant improvement when you’ve got room to move.
Have a serious look at the Baritone neck 265 Shari Ulrich Songbird, you’ll be rewarded with fast and comfortable playing that feels relaxed and natural and not confined.

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