2 days away from the 2 month, Year end sale of sales

Yes, we’re entering the time of the year filled with family events, holidays and endless gimmicky sales pushing us to buy yet another big screen TV for the final room that doesn’t have one.. the guest bathroom!
Well, in the spirit of celebrating without adding the hype and pressure, We bring in the end of the 2023 season with a no-pressure, no-hype sale. All guitars are on sale starting November 1st with super savings and are ideal for gift-giving or completing your collection of tenor guitars.

When you buy one, let us know if you want it shipped to a friend or family member as a gift and if you want it held for closer to that special date. We’ve got an incredible year ahead and a past year of gratitude to celebrate. ld think of no better way than to make the gift of music more affordable for a very expensive season.

Danielle Greenberg Model 265

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