The 2 month, Year end sale begins!

We’re inundated with sales this time of year, the hype, the frenzy, the panic. This Sale is different for so many reasons.
NO HYPE OR HOLD BACKS... all our guitars, every single model have been marked down 45% or more.
NO RUSH, PUSH OR PANIC… The sale runs until December 31 while supplies last, sorry no back orders accepted.
GIVING A GIFT OF MUSIC… Let us know when you order if you want us to hold onto it until closer to a birthday, Christmas or special day.
WHY SUCH HUGE DISCOUNTS… Because Craven was blessed with an incredible year of growth. With new models coming in 2024, we could use a little elbow room. *( Plus I like to see people enjoying their new Craven Tenor Guitars).

THINKING OF STEPPING UP FROM A BARITONE UKULELE? Many people have made that transition this last year and now with prices this low, the transition to Tenor Guitar is pretty painless. These two gents made the transition this year and proved you can bring your skill with you from Ukulele to Tenor guitar.

YOU’RE READY TO UPGRADE FROM UKULELE BUT NOT SURE ABOUT STEEL STRINGS? That’s okay, Your Craven Tenor Guitar was crafted by hand including a truss rod in the neck for long life. Switching your strings to Nylon ( or Gut as one Cello player is doing) is no problem. Play nylon and get comfortable and eventually, you’ll make the switch to steel and your Craven will be happy to change along with you.

OKAY BUT WHAT ABOUT UKULELE TUNING WITH STEEL STRINGS? That truss rod and hard Canadian Maple neck gives your Craven the ability to be tuned and restrung as you wish. String, tune and play the way you feel comfortable with tunings compared to Suprano Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Cello, Fiddle, Banjo, Dulcimer, Mandolin or tenor guitar tunings like standard or DGBE ( sound familiar Baritone Uke players?)

It’s a great time of year to be able to be a part of a community that loves music and loves their Tenor Guitars. When you purchase a Craven Tenor Guitar you’re invited to join our Owners Only, Craven Tenor Guitar Family on Facebook where you’ll meet owners from around the world including recording artists who own their own Craven Tenor Guitars.

Grab a Craven and jump into an incredible family of owners and music lovers around the world.

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