introducing ( a very early introduction to the 1919 Parlor Queen

Who better to introduce our 1919 Parlor Queen than Gavin Michael McNutt. If anyone can put our Premium Model through its paces, he can.
The first in our Premier Series of Artisan Tenor Guitars, The Parlor Queen joins with other heirloom quality guitars and enters into the family regally.

From headstock to tail The Parlor Queen has been crafted with elegance, incredible tonal qualities and uncompromising premium quality, hand-selected woods.

The Headstock is bound in vintage cream to accent the new majestic crown, The machine heads are premium-grade Wilkinson vintage tuners. The nut, true bone sits above the Rosewood fingerboard that is bound in vintage cream and embellished with Abalne fret markers.

The tapered neck begins at 38mm at the nut ends at the 22nd fret being 42mm wide. The results are ( as you can see as Gavin plays) free and comfortable spacing allowing for fast action up and down the neck and fabulous spacing for string bending. The Neck depth is a Wide D shape allowing for comfortable playing even for smaller hands.

Premiering November 4th 1:00 pm P.S.T.

The robust body comprised of hand-selected Solid Sitka Spruce top, Solid Mahogany sides and back are finished in hand-polished lacquer to maintain the warm tones and elegant looks. The top is accented in vintage rope style purfling and rosette that was high demand in 1919 and used on Gretsch and other premium guitars of the day. The colour, is truly artwork. Using the same techniques mastered by violin craftsmen, the face of the Parlor Queen is hand-stained and wiped, polished then stained again to create the deep rich colours that only appear on heirloom guitars that have aged to perfection, protected in their hardshell cases.

The unique size of The Parlor Queen is larger than an O body like the 265 songbird yet smaller than a studio guitar. This, best of both world size gives you impeccable sound qualities yet a comfortable fit to nestle in your lap when you play or stand.

The onboard 5 band equalizer provides tuning and so much more. You can dial in your sound using the low, medium and high range bridge piezo pick up and then push the Parlor Queen to its maximum potential by igniting the onboard internal microphone. Fully adjustable, you can position the microphone near the strings or deep into the body to bring out rich deep tones. The battery is located in the pull out tray on the heel of the guitar for easy access.

To protect your Parlor Queen, a hardshell tweed case is included. Each one is presented with a stainless name plate that includes the hand-etched serial number of your queen.

You will soon discover the Parlor Queen is stage and recording quality, crafted for those who have renowned name-brand expectations from their guitars.

Watch for updates from both Gavin and Craven Tenor Guitars for the projected presale release coming in December of the limited first production run of Model 1919 Parlor Queen Tenor Guitar.

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