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What Legitimate Owners are saying about Craven Tenor Guitars.
“YAAAY!! The guitar arrived. I just unboxed it and when I finally got a full view of this beautiful instrument I was completely astonished!!! I literally had to walk away from it for awhile just to catch my breath. TRULY there has NEVER been, ( in the Entire History of the Tenor Guitar,) an instrument that is so seriously and Beautifully made. The Craven Company might be the Very First company Worldwide to finally regard the TENOR GUITAR as a legitimate instrument and make it “Mainstream” thing. Your guitars are so beautiful that it now becomes very hard for players of every style from everywhere to overlook them. Your stuff is Revolutionary. Amen” John Lawlor, Tenor Guitar Hall Of Fame Inductee.


” Just received my “Tuxedo” from the nice UPS guy. He wanted to know what was in the box…even though the oversized“Fragile” sticker says exactly what the content is and the box shape is a dead giveaway. Thank you for the careful and secure packaging. I think it would take a freight train running over it to do any damage. ” M.G. CA, U.S.A.

~ ~ ~

“The best packed instrument I have ever had sent to myself, and there have been many. Beautiful workmanship, all the details down to even the case. Even unplugged it sounds great, not at all “thin.” K.H. WA, U.S.A.

“My rhythm player brought his new Po’ Boy to rehearsal yesterday… Not only is it a stunning instrument to look at, but the sound of our band just improved! After the first tune I had to ask him to play softer as it was noticeably louder than his old Harmony tenor, but also warmer and a lot more defined. Beautiful, solid instrument!” Brian Campbell, Brian Campbell Trio


“The 327 is great. I really don’t have anything bad to say about it. It’s looks and sounds great. I think the body may be a tad bigger than the Gibson? It’s a showpiece!” Charley Redman, Kitten and the Tonics, Michigan.

Great communication! Great seller!” F.K. Reverb Customer 5 star review


“Nice and easy transaction. As described, fast shipping and good comms”. Thanks a lot!” M.C. Reverb Customer 5 star review

“Answered all of my questions almost instantly,packaged extremely well,shipping was fast, and the guitar is amazing. I hope more people become aware of Craven tenor guitars because they are a great deal.” D.M Reverb customer 5 star review.

All of us at Craven Tenor Guitars have bought guitars on line. We’ve all experienced horror stories. We go all the way to securely and safely package your guitar so you can enjoy it, fresh out of the box.