custom Model 350JLSN-L ~Left handed Natural Blonde Jazz Tenor Guitar

The uncompromising sound of the 350JLS in beautiful Natural Blonde hues now available in a custom built Left Hand player version. The John Lawlor Signature Tenor Guitar, Authorized by Mr. Lawlor and exclusive to Craven Tenor Guitars. Created in the spirit of Mr. Lawlors personal Cutaway Jazz Guitar, Craven Tenor Guitars is honored to bring the 350JLS to you. Keeping to the looks, size and sounds of the Hall of Fame inductees guitar, Craven has recreated his guitar using only the finest premium woods and components.

We now offer two of our popular electric archtop Tenor guitars available by Custom Order in Left Hand player versions. Rather than increasing our price for creating our Left Hand guitars, we create them in pairs. When we receive 2 orders of a matching model, we initiate production. Production and delivery time combined is 9 weeks. If a second order isn’t received within 7 days we initiate your order so not to keep you waiting. This is our way of keeping costs for custom Authentic Archtops to a minimum. Life is hard, why be penalized for being left handed.

Model 350JLSN-L ~ Natural Blonde
-Robust Canadian Maple Bolt on Neck with binding and fret markers,
– Authentic 1 1/14 inch nut width
– Authentic Tenor guitar 23 inch scale
– Celluloid Cream / black vintage style binding on neck
– Celluloid Cream headstock binding
– Adjustable -Truss Rod
– Vintage Closed Tuners
– Rosewood Fret board
– Abalone Fret Markers
– Floating Rosewood Adjustable Bridge
– Solid Sitka Spruce Front with Binding
– Arched Solid Mahogany Back
– Stratified Mahogany sides for premium tonal clarity
– Wide Cream Celluloid Binding on top/ narrow Celluloid biding on rear sides
– Single Dogs Ear style P90 guitar pickup
– D’Addario strings EJ22 Nickel wound JAZZ Medium
– Cream coloured Volume and Tone Controls
– 1/4 Inch Plug in Jack on side
– Strap Plug
– Premium Lush Hardshell Case

Watch for more John Lalwor Performances to come soon.

~All Model 350JLS Guitars include their own lush hard shell cases to protect them for years to come.~