Model 216 ~ The 2023 Delta Po’Boy archtop Series ~ coming in may 2023

With the incredible introduction of our Delta Po’ Boy in 2022, Owners embraced everything about it and have been eager to share ideas with us. From color options to electronics, from desired hardshell cases to Blacked out F holes, we’ve combined the coolest ideas and revamped our Po’ Boy to make it a dream machine. It’s been 3 months in planning and development and now only days away from being in inventory. The Delta ‘ Po Boy will stand up to professional musicians’ demands and the novice player who values quality alike.

Mark Evens ( stage left) of the Brandon Campbell Trio on his Delta Po’ Boy. This is where the Delta Po’ Boyd shines like Moonshine.

We have fine-tuned our Beloved Delta Po’ Boy to better represent those early archtops played by legendary guitar players from the Mississippi Delta. They were simple, clean acoustic marvels that outperformed their humble stature in the hands of these incredible musicians. What made them outstanding is often they were produced by leading manufacturers but rebranded with humbler names on their headstock and sold at much lower prices. Sold in the 1920-1930 as mid-range guitars, they stood up acoustically to L-50’s of the period but were attainable by those aspiring artists that created legendary music of the day that still resonates with musicians today. We have transformed our Delta Po’ Boy with some authentic characteristics while upgrading to the modern requirements of professional and novice players alike.

The first thing you’ll notice right away is the 40mm wide neck. Perfect for single note and cord playing. Love playing slide, bring it on! From the inside out The Delta Po’ Boy is a natural performer on stage or simply playing with your buddies. Inside the binding free F hole your Po’ Boy is blacked out to accent the beautiful F hole Curves. Each of the three vintage colors is hand stained and daubed to give the appearance of a finely aged and protected heirloom guitar. The Solid Sitka Spruce top isn’t hidden behind layers of thick paint, instead, the colour is hand applied to the surface and daubed away exposing more of the beautiful wood grain. Unlike relic finishes intended to make a guitar look beaten, worn and weary, Our Heirloom process creates the look of a warmly loved instrument that’s been cared for and handed through the generations. The warm Satin lacquer finish is hand applied and buffed rather than drenched in polyurethane plastics, just like timeless premium guitars of the day.

When you want the volume raised to play to your audience, Our onboard XLR8 Equalizer by Cherub allows you to dial in the exact tones you want out of your Po’ Boy. Your 1/4 inch plug in is hidden in the strap pin and now, you have the option of installing your provided pickguard yourself. Be it clean-faced or brandishing the 4mm Tortoise shell Pick guard, your Delta Po’Boy looks timeless right out of its personal Hardshell Embroidered Locking case.

Model 216 Delta Po’Boy Series
-216B Heirloom Black
-216N Natural Blonde
-216V Vintage Sun Burst

Delta Po’ Boy Features:

-23 inch scale,
-40mm Nut
-Robust 16 inch body
-Canadian Maple Bolt on Neck
– Cream and black vintage style celluloid Neck binding with fret markers
– Adjustable Truss Rod Neck
– Vintage Closed Tuners
– Cocobolo Fret board
– Abalone Fret Markers
– Hybrid Adjustable Wood Bridge
– Solid Sitka Spruce Front
– Stratified Maple arched back
– Stratified Maple Sides
– Celluloid Tortoise shell Binding on body front
– Round 032w, 022w ,014, .010 Strings ~ Ideal Mixed tunings
– Strap Plugs
– Pick guard
– Lush Hardshell Embroidered Locking Case

Full product details and images coming in May, 2023.

~All Delta Po’Boy Tenor Guitars include their own Embroidered Hard Shell Case to protect them for years to come.~