Model 327 ~ Archtop Tenor Guitar

The traditional look of archtops from day one. We hand select each piece of wood that goes into the creation of our flagship Archtop tenor guitar. All Big Jake models are bench tested by our Luthier at the factory and go though a 38 point inspection prior to shipping. Created in our exacting standards, Big Jake is artistically crafted with tone, resonance and quality in mind making it a virtual Time Machine.

Model 327- Big Jake
-23 inch scale, 1 1/4 inch Nut and robust 16 inch body
-Robust Canadian Maple Bolt On Neck with binding and fret markers
– Cream and black vintage style celluloid binding
– Adjustable Truss Rod
– Vintage Closed Tuners
– Rosewood Fret board
– MOP Fret Markers
– Floating Adjustable Tune~O~Matic Bridge
– Solid Sitka Spruce Front with Binding
– Arched Mahogany Back
– Stratified Mahogany sides
– Celluloid Binding on Front, Back and Neck
– Single Alnico 4 bar P90 black single coil dog ear guitar pickup
– D’Addario strings EJ22 Nickel wound JAZZ Medium
– Volume and Tone Controls
– 1/4 Inch Plug in Jack on side
– Strap Plug
– Hardshell Case Included

– Pick guard optional
– Optional Tuning and String changes
– Optional Hybrid Rosewood/ Canadian Maple Bridge

No matter your preferred tuning, Big Jake and all Craven Tenor Guitars can take the pressure and will reward you with the beautiful tones only an archtop can provide. Big Jake is factory adjusted with medium strings and intonation set for DGBE tuning. John Lawlor, Hall of fame Tenor guitarist put our Big Jake to the test, beefed up to heavy strings and his own unique tuning. Here’s what he had to tell us:

“The great thing about this guitar is that it responds perfectly to adjustments for different turnings and string guages which only says that the guitar is precisely built. I have owned other guitars that literally can’t be tuned because the original measurements of the instruments themselves weren’t accurate when they were built. I’m sure that your guitar builders have run across some old guitars like that. Old “REGAL” tenors and also “MARWIN” tenors (both from the ’50s) were nice looking but very hard to tune because of the neck being inaccurately placed. It was a “built in” problem that couldn’t be remedied simply by moving the bridge. On the other hand, This guitar is dead on. No matter how any individual player wants to set it up for themselves, this guitar responds and once it’s done it is in perfect tune all the way up the neck. Any serious tenor player out there would love to have an instrument like this.”
John Lawlor
Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame inductee

~All Big Jake Tenor Guitars include their own lush hard shell cases to protect them for years to come.~