2 days away from the 2 month, Year end sale of sales

Yes, we’re entering the time of the year filled with family events, holidays and endless gimmicky sales pushing us to buy yet another big screen TV for the final room that doesn’t have one.. the guest bathroom!
Well, in the spirit of celebrating without adding the hype and pressure, We bring in the end of the 2023 season with a no-pressure, no-hype sale. All guitars are on sale starting November 1st with super savings and are ideal for gift-giving or completing your collection of tenor guitars.

When you buy one, let us know if you want it shipped to a friend or family member as a gift and if you want it held for closer to that special date. We’ve got an incredible year ahead and a past year of gratitude to celebrate. ld think of no better way than to make the gift of music more affordable for a very expensive season.

Danielle Greenberg Model 265

The comfort of a wide neck

Cliff was one of our first customers to embrace the New Baritone Neck Series Shari Ulrich Songbird. The shipping time to England was short and Cliff was ready at the door to receive it. As a Baritone Ukulele player he wasn’t satisfied with the Uke sound and was ready to step up to the full Obody size and open space Baritone neck. Thank you Cliff for sharing this beautiful original composition.


Celebrate John Lawlor. All 350JLS on sale while supplies last

Truly the patriarch of Tenor jazz today, John Lawlors smooth transitions and eloquent performance is perfectly portrayed on his signature model, the 350JLS John Lalwor Signature Tenor Guitar. Crafted in the finest hand-selected Solid Sitka Spruce, Solid Mahogany and Canadian Maple, The 350JLS is a confident and trustworthy Heirloom Jazz guitar like no other available today.

Available in 3 color pallets, the 350JLS is your virtual time machine to a time when quality was a priority, value for your hard-earned dollar was present and manufacturers made customer satisfaction their priority. At Craven Tenor Guitars those principles have never changed.

Right now you can save $300 off your 350JLS by purchasing from our available inventory. Sorry no back orders are available and the sale is subject to available inventory only.

Check out the 350JLS today at

Irish tuning a songbird? Absolutley.

Cavin Michael McNutt creates the music that takes your heart on a flight to the Emerald Isle. With every recording Michael makes, the warn and yet bright tones of the Songbird ring clear and vivid in a way you only get from quality solid Sitka, solid Mahogany and Canadian hard maple. Exhilarating and responsive to play in all tunings and comfortable in many genre, The Shari Ulrich Songbird is finding its home around the world. Available in Acoustic, Electro-oustic and left-handed player models, a Songbird is right for you no matter if you’re performing on stage or nestled beside the fireplace in your favorite pub with friends. Visit our website today to explore the possibilities of owning your own Heirloom quality Craven Tenor Guitar.

at last

It’s easy to move from one guitar to the next searching for the one that will make contact with you, that’ll become your forever guitar. At last, you have found the forever friend you’ve been looking for.

Fully Acoustic, Electro Acoustic and Left handed player models, The Shari Ulrich 265 Songbird Signature O Body Tenor Guitar is the ideal performer at home or on stage. Crafted in individually hand-selected solid Sitka Spruce and Solid Mahogany, Model 265 is brilliant and elegant to play. Each model is presented to you in its own Lush Hardshell Case to ensure its protection as it becomes your treasured family heirloom. Find the model that inspires you today.



Our Complete Sister Etta family are now available

Have there ever been more beautiful triplets? In true triplet fashion Sister Etta is a rare variety. With only 15 in total, these sisters won’t be around very long. From the robust 16 inch lower bout to the wide open spaces of the 40mm ( 1 5/8″) Baritone neck, Sister Etta is as beautiful to play as she is stunning to look at. Her voice is clear and bright yet projects rich mellow tones equally clear. Join the select club of 15 owners by choosing your Sister Etta from the remaining 12 today.


Lillian’s Lullaby written and performed by Shari Ulrich

Two time Juno award winning singer-songwriter, Ms.Shari Ulrichs legacy of 25 records and fevered performance schedule keeps Ms Ulrich a captivating entertainer, story teller and humanitarian. Craven Tenor Guitars are honored to work with Ms Ulrich in collaboration to bring Model 265 Shari Ulrich Songbird O Body Tenor Guitar to the stage and tenor guitar community alike.

Hand crafted from hand selected Soundwoods of Sitka Spruce, Mahogany and Canadian Hard Maple, the Songbird is not only a writers companion but a stage-ready performer but don’t be intimidated, its a personable guitar that will become an heirloom you’ll cherish.

Crafted by hand, The Songbird has been fashioned in a broad series of models to accommodate the requirements of Tenor players. Be it acoustic, full Electro-coustic or crafted for Left-handed players, there is a model that will feel right in your hands in any tuning that you choose.

The Shari Ulrich Songbird Signature Model Series 265

Available In these models
Fully Acosutic
Left Handed Electro-Acoustic

Espresso Black Satin,
Natural Satin,
Vintage Sunrise Satin

Scale Length: 23″
Nut Width : 1 1/4″
String spacing at nut: 1.0″
String spacing at bridge: 1 3/8″
Body Length: 17 1/8″
Waist width: 8 7/8″
Upper Bout Width: 9 7/8″
Side depth at endpin 4 1/8″
Top tone wood: Hand Selected Solid Aged Sitka Spruce
Back and Sides: Hand Selected Solid Aged Mahogany
Bracing: X- Braced
Fretboard: Rosewood
Bridge: Rosewood, Nylon Saddle
Neck Wood: Canadian Hard Maple
Neck Binding: Vintage Cream with fret markers
Fret markers: Abalone, Start at 3th fret
Top Binding: Abalone
Sound hole: Full Size
Machine heads: Wilkinson Style Closed
String pegs: Abalone crested Ebony
Strap Pin: 1 Mounted, 1 supplied for personal installation

Strings: .032W, .022W, .014, .010 ~ Ideal for 5ths (CGDA) and Chicago tuning ( DGBE)

Equalizer: Craven XLR8 by Cherub

Case: Embroidered Lush Tweed style locking Hardshell case

No matter the genre you enjoy, the Shari Ulrich Songbird will be a guitar that you will cherish for its clear and bright sound, quality heirloom crafting and professional musician quality.

Explore the many colour and model options today and bring a Songbird to your world.


Get to know Sister Etta

She’s not just another pretty face, there’s a great deal of old fashioned “wood technology” that makes her an outstanding, robust archtop Tenor guitar. The sound woods are selected to give her a brilliant voice that’s not brash. The solid Sitka Front quivers when played announce the higher note frequencies. Our in-house, hand-stratified Mahogany back and sides resonate the lower tone frequencies in the fashion used by the great Stativari in his violins. There is no laminated or plywood used in the construction of any of our guitars, instead, each piece is hand selected for tight grain and unique characteristics. The mighty Canadian hard Maple Neck complements the body tonewoods in an unsurpassed trinity of soundwood.

Our hybrid 2 wood floating bridge clarifies both the high and low frequencies of notes. The rosewood bridge is mounted with a Canadian Hardwood Maple saddle that voices the stings more eloquently than a single wood bridge as used in production guitars of the past.
The 1 5/8 inch ( 40mm) neck we call our Baritone neck is made for easy playing for those with large hands, arthritic fingers and individuals who love open spaces for note selection and slide playing. The baritone neck provides plenty of room for sting bending if you are so inclined.
The F holes are cleanly presented without binding to allow your visible verification of the real Sitka Spruce we use and to reduce the vibration restriction that binding can cause in F holes. The neck is both bolt-on and conceals a truss rod to assure you long life and the ability to adjust your guitar with the changing of climate conditions. Only premium hard fret wire is used to ensure longevity. Pink mother of pearl fret markers show as off white and are approved for all European countries rather than plastic fret inserts.

Presented to you in its own custom made Hardshell case, Our Sister Etta Natural Blonde is limited to 5 hand made guitars, each individually crafted by a select team of luthiers.

Sister Etta’s Specifications:

Model 216 Sister Etta Series
-216N Natural Blonde – Available Now!
-216B Heirloom Black
-216V Vintage Sun Burst

the great release!

Im so grateful to have the support of customers who have been long-suffering, waiting for their guitars that have been delayed by covid outbreaks and port workers going on strike. Its wonderful to finally be filling these orders this coming week.

I have to share an apology for not having the inventory on hand that I should. Frankly, I underestimated the acceptance and demand but after a year and half, of playing catch up, I’m finally getting the hang of this. My head is so wrapped around design and implementation that I have a hard time judging demand, but Im getting there. I’ll always be a part of Craven, always in direct contact with owners and customers with questions. I’m old school that way, I know people want to know the person invested in something, the real person who is accountable rather than an automated sales bot or customer service desk. Next week after all orders are filled I’ll be thrilled to release Sister Etta, Model 216. Her vivacious contours are elegant and her neck is shapely. I hope you’ll tune into a live- unscripted release soon.

Every night my mind wakes me to remind me how lucky I am to be a part of the Tenor Guitar Revival, how such incredible people around the world share the music they play on their Cravens. There’s so much ahead of us, so much music and wonders unknown. Stay tuned.