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blissfully focused on surviving the waiting game.

Oh, boy do I know the feeling of waiting for something to arrive. I’ve bought guitars online and tracked them with the eye of a hawk, paced the floor, watched my watch, and looked out the window longingly for my UPS driver to arrive. Then I’ve sat looking at the shipping box waiting for it to acclimate before I open it.
Now fast forward to today, waiting for 3 versions of the 265 Shari Ulrich Songbird, 3 new versions of the 216 Delta Po’Boy, the prototype of the 283 Le Belle Creole Resonator as well and my replenished stock of 327 Big Jakes and 350 JLS John Lawlor Signature guitars, I’ve worn ruts in my floors pacing. Things could have been a whole lot different.

I’ve had the chance to go dirt cheap. To stamp out guitars that could have been dumped on Amazon for peanuts and turned around from idea to warehouse conveyor belt shipping in 2 months. That’s not why I got into this.

I wanted my affordable vintage archtop during the covid crunch like many people. I hoped to find a quality guitar that I could afford that wouldn’t need an expensive trip to the luthier to make it playable. That’s when the value of the cheapest Sears catalog archtops from the 1960’s with twisted necks and craked bodies were going for premium prices. I couldn’t see myself paying $800 for a plywood Silvertone with questionable pickups and a violin bow neck. I began the vetting process to find my partner and manufacturer of my Craven Tenor Guitars and only one vendor could provide me with the quality, price point, and handcraft boutique quantities rather than mass-produced guitars that would be candidates for pawn shop walls. He’s now gone from being a supplier to a trusted partner.

Over the last year I’ve been offered substantial orders by significant retailers for our product line that always came with a clause; Increasing my retail pricing to reflect the premium nature of our guitars better ( aka increase their substantial markups). The benefit would have been consumers would have seen them in guitar box stores and for that benefit, been faced with a sticker shock increase of 14% or more. Our increase in sales would have pressed production and materials, stretching them, and for certain something would get lost along the way and fewer people would b able to afford a tenor guitar. That’s not my goal.

I’m all in favor of supporting small music stores that still sell instruments they love, provide teachers or tutors, and support your kids softball team when they need new gloves or gas money for a tournament. They may sell one of our guitars a month, maybe one a year but they deserve our support because they support your local communities. In this fashion, I can keep our pricing modest and honest, innovate and upgrade without overpricing and alienating folk who simply want to make music.

Im beyond honored that our guitars are played by professional musicians around the world and that Craven Tenror Guitars stand the test of performance on stage. I’m as equally honored by those who reach for their Craven and strum as they watch TV or gather with friends for impromptu jam sessions in basements, garages and fireside.

I want to take a moment to thank some of those around the world who have shared their enjoyment of our guitars and have allowed me to bring you their performances here, on Youtube, Tictok and other media platforms.

Ms. Shari Ulrich, 2 time Juno Award-winning songwriter, Singer, Performer, humanitarian

Mr. John Lawlor, Inductee to the Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame

Mr. Mark Evans, Member of the Brandon Campbell Trio, West Coast, U.S.A.

Mr. John Cotton, John Cotton Trio, East Coast, U.S.A.

Mr. Charlie Redman, Kitten and the Tonics, Michigan, U.S.A.

Mr. Michael Coury, Jass Mucisian Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Mr. Joan Pinose Sario, Sitga Spain, Jazz Musician, Jazz/music festival director

Ms. Mo Gunn, a passionate Craven Tenor guitar player and repeat customer in California, U.S.A.

Mr. Patrick Froelicher, a passionate Craven Tenor Guitar player and repeat customer in Germany

Ms. Danielle Greenberg, Bass player turned passionate Craven Tenor Guitar player, New Jersey, U.S.A.

These are just some of the incredible people who express themselves so beautifully with a Craven Tenor guitar.

Between now and May when our inventory is complete there’s a great deal going on behind the scenes. We will announce our European dealer who will be serving all of the continent and Ireland, very soon. The final work on our Student, Teacher, Music Therapy Support Program is being solidified. Our goal is to aid those who can benefit from support in their aspirations of learning (teaching) Tenor guitar music. We’ll continue to monitor pre-orders of all our instruments and keep those with special orders updated. I may even take a little time for a quick break to work on my outstanding honey-do list. Just know, I’m here, responding to emails ( craven.tenor.guitars@gmail.com), phone calls and instant messages.

It’s been an incredible year of blessings and there’s so much more to look forward to in 2023.

2022 final inventory sale


Our inventory is now depleted until our shipment arrives in May. This is your chance to own a Craven Tenor Guitar at their lowest prices. Limited to the stock on hand, price includes shipping to the United States and Canada. Shipping to Europe? Add $200.

Model 327T ~ Big Jake Tobacco Finish
With hardshell case and Tune ~ o ~ Matic Bridge.

Regular price $1300 plus shipping

Save $300 plus shipping!

SPECIAL PRICE: $1075 including shipping

1 available.


Model 327B ~ Big Jake Tuxedo Black
With hardshell case and Tune ~ o ~ Matic Bridge.

Regular price $1300 plus shipping

Save $300 plus shipping!

SPECIAL PRICE: $1075 including shipping

1 available


Model 350JLS A ~ John Lawlor Signature Amber Cream
With hardshell case and Tune ~ o ~ Matic Bridge.

Regular price $1549 plus shipping

SAVE $449 plus shipping!


Model 350JLS N ~ John Lawlor Signature Natural Blonde
With hardshell case and Tune ~ o ~ Matic Bridge.

Regular price $1549 plus shipping
SAVE $449 plus shipping!

SPECIAL PRICE: $1175 including shipping

1 available


*Shipping to Europe, please add $200.

All models will be dusted off, bench tested and polished prior to shipping

The 265V ~ Vintage Sunrise Shari Ulich Songbird.

The final addition to the Shari Ulrich Songbird Series is the 265V ~ Vintage Sunrise has now moved into production complementing the 265N and 265B. Each one more beautiful than the other, where does one begin. Each one reflects the timeless qualities of the original O Body with upgrades and unique qualities of their own. Is there anything that sets the Shari Ulrich Songbird apart? Just read on.

There was no reinventing the wheel when it came to size. The O body is perfect in its resonance, weight and balance. The original woods were respectfully selected at the time and, they have remained the benchmark of quality. Other manufacturers have altered their wood selection and produce their versions to meet their market goals. We choose to keep with the best hand selected Sitka Spruce and Mahogany available. It’s more expensive but the results can be seen and heard.

The Songbird represents a new generation of O body, building on the proven standards and elevating those standards to a different level. From the neck to the strap plug in, we’ve taken a fresh approach in what our Songbird offers.

Shari Ulrich requires the ability to plug in while performing in large venues. Craven has addressed this with our XLR8 Equalizer by Cherub. For the first time, an O body is now equipped with proven electronics that are stage quality. While its bright solid Sitka Spruce and solid Mahogany is pleasantly full voiced when unplugged, the onboard equalizer introduces a whole new dimension of playing possibilities.

In conjunction with Shari, we’ve developed 3 color variations that uniquely set the Shari Ulrich Songbird apart. The warm Vintage Sunrise is a salute to the colors found on the original O body but varied to our specifications. Our Natural Blonde glows a reflective blonde highlighting the beautiful tone rich Sitka Spruce grain. Our unique Heirloom Black took a year to perfect and rather than hiding the grain under layers of thick paint, our artisans hand apply and blot our seasoned stain into the wood to create warm tones that you would find in a much cherished family heirloom thats been handed down over generations. There truly is nothing like it.

Complementing the beautiful looks is Abalone purfling on the front, wrapped in warm vintage cream and black binding. Rosettes in Abalone draw your eyes to the detailed craftsmanship that include premium Abalone inlay Ebony string pegs in the bridge.

The neck finished in rosewood is complemented in Abalone fret markers and vintage cream and black binding.

Unlike other O body Tenor guitars, the Shari Ulrich Songbird is the first to use Canadian Hard Maple as our neck wood for long life, durability and reduced risk of climate variations. Hidden inside is our truss rod to assure you of easier adjustments over the coarse of its lifetime. Rather than expensive luthier neck resets most adjustments can be done with a simple truss rod adjustment.

Shari insisted on protecting your investment in a premium hardshell locking case. The embroidery on the tweed style lush hardshell case complements its distinguished looks. We would craft nothing less than professional musician quality and you’ll feel it the moment you remove your Songbird from its case.

If you play a mandolin, a dulcimer, a fiddle, a banjo, a baritone Ukulele or even a 6 string guitar you will feel right at home tuned to your desire, while sitting on your living room sofa or in the spotlight on stage.

The Shari Ulrich Songbird is priced at $849.00 U.S. including case. Our first production run will be completed and available in May. If you believe in quality, you can pre-order yours today in both a left and right player model.

Please welcome, the Shari Ulrich Songbird Signature Tenor Guitar. For pre-order details you can email: craven.tenor.guitars@gmail.com

Heading to Vancouver… check out Michael Coury and the Gin Mill Ramblers

Well known Vancouver Jazz Musician Michael Coury just added a Delta Po’Boy to his collection.
Want to see his band the Gin Mill Ramblers perform? Check them out at
The Brighton, 2471 East Hastings Street,Vancouver,BC,Canada, Vancouver, Canada Sat Mar 11 2023 at 9:00 pm to Mar 12 2023 12:00 am

Watch for the re imagined Delta Po Boy in three Vintage Colours coming in May.

An incredible week of growth ( and wider necks too)

Thank you to all those who have now pre ordered the Shari Ulrich Songbird model 265B. The timeless looks of the hand rubbed heirloom black has captured the imagination of those wanting a beautiful O body guitar. Two of the three 265 Songbirds have moved into production. Those Pre ordering will receive an autographed Shari Ulrich CD. They’ll be shipping in early May, 2023.

We have been listening to the feedback of our loyal customers. Many have asked that we consider wider necks for some of our models and we’ve been listening.
The 216 Deltal Po’Boy is coming back in May with some incredible new features. First off, the finish is now satin to bring a more authentic look. No more F hole binding because that’s simply too glamorous. Two colour options that reflect historical archtops complement the celluloid tortoise shell binding and to protect your investment, a lush hardshell case.
The incorporation of the XLR8 Equalizer means you’ll be heard on stage or when recording. And as suggested by our customers, we’ve increased our Nut width by 30% . Now with a 39MM nut, you’ve got plenty of room to make your way over the neck. String spacing is a very relaxed 11mm, ideal for slide, Slack key and your favorite genre of music. Our first shipment arrives in early May, watch for updates.

The other New model getting the wide nut treatment is our model 283 Le Belle Creole resonator. No longer big and cumbersome, Le Belle Creole is a comfortable and well balanced O body size guitar. Defined in its looks by abalone purfling, cream and black binding, inset Craven wound P90 pick up, lush Cognac, the 1938 Zephyr tuning knobs complete the vintage look. While you can see the 1930’s National style hubcap is perfectly symmetrical for the body, inside rests our own hand spun aluminum cone. Our Tweed style Lush hardshell case will honor your investment with the protection it deserves. Watch for its first delivery to begin in July, 2023.

Our final Model for 2023 has just left the design board and is in the hands of R and D to create the templates for Model 396 The Troubadour. This is truly a work of art, like a Rembrandt forgery, it has all the looks of a well preserved Elderly Jazz guitar thats been safely protected for years yet is updated with the latest quality hand spun Craven P90. The rich heirloom Black reveals the solid Sitka and warm, rich mahogany color and tones without smothering them. It’s only on close inspections that people will discover these are limited edition modern Tenor guitars.
The wide 39mm Neck and 11mm string spacing makes it a dream to play. The expressive Abalone Purfling and fret markers are a throwback to the most elegant guitars played in speak easies and Jazz clubs of 1930’s Paris and New York. The body inserted 4 post P90 rests low in the body keeping action comfortable to play. At your fingertips are the 1938 Zephyr knobs positioned on the 4mm Tortoise shell scratch plate. As you take the stage and open the Lush tweed hardshell case, your fellow band mates in the orchestra will know that you mean business. Coming Early September, 2023.

Craven Tenor Guitars will always strive to create and craft the most beautiful Tenor guitars that are set apart from others by their quality of materials, hand crafted workmanship, innovative designs that are incorporated into vintage looking heirloom guitars. We will continue to craft in limited quantities to assure quality over quantity and keep our prices honest and reasonable. Interested in our business ethics? Read our About Us page to understand our 3 pillars of business.

Feel good music

I love finding our guitars on Youtube and I thank Patrick and John for allowing me to share their playing.
The 350JLS is full bodied and can handle the strings, tuning and genre you want to play in. Solid wood, our own hand wound 4 post P90 and never any shortcuts. You gentlemen do us proud!

Patrick Froelicher is a tenor Guitar virtuosos located in Germany. An avid collector of all things 4 stringed, we’re honored that Patrick is one of our return customers who now owns the first 327T and the first 350JLS A on the European continent.
Check out his youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@UCgLwDb9ig3FsQjIfDgL0D5A

Visit Craven Tenor Guitars for details on the 350JLS series Jazz Tenor Guitar

The incredible Ms. Shari Ulrich

25 records to her credit, 2 Juno awards and the warmest humanitarian you can possibly imagine. Craven Tenor Guitars so honored to have collaborated with Shari in bringing you the Shari Ulrich Songbird Signature guitar. Crafted to be professional musician quality, selected woods and our electronics to assure it’s heirloom quality and priced to allow new players the opportunity to start out on the right foot, with quality.

the Shari Ulrich Songbird Model 265B – Heirloom Black

All Craven Tenor Guitars are crafted in small quantities to maintain high quality and to assure only the finest, hand selected quality woods are used.

Shari has guided us to create the Model 265B ~ Heirloom Black Songbird in a very unique fashion. Unlike other black guitars layered in heavy paint and hiding the beautiful woods underneath, Shari has challenged us to create her Black guitar so that the true solid Sitka Spruce could be seen yet have a visual feeling of a guitar lovingly crafted possibly 100 years ago.

Unlike a guitar built and finished in the relic fashion, a look of worn, road weary and mishandled instruments, Shari wanted her Heirloom black guitar to appear like it has been cared for, loved and protected in its case and allowed to age gracefully like a rare Stradivarius violin.

The 265B is carefully crafted to have the warm soft wood finish found only in guitars crafted nearly 100 years ago. Hand rubbed wood stains are eased into the solid Sitka Spruce and gracefully buffed to reveal the beautiful wood grain rather than washing it away or hiding it behind solid paint. The dark Heirloom Black shows thin allowing warm rich browns and wood grain to show through the black top surface. This very unique process makes every 265B unique yet consistently beautiful. Unlike relic guitars made to look road worn, battered and beaten, the Heirloom Black Songbird has the appearance of a treasured family heirloom passed among generations. Unlock the lush tweed hardshell case and inside awaits an O body Tenor guitar that’s part time traveler, part future family heirloom and 100% beautiful professional quality Songbird Tenor Guitar.

Shari has approved our work. Now we invite 4 individuals to join us by pre ordering our professional musician quality Shari Ulrich Songbird in Heirloom Black. Click on the image for full details on pricing, delivery and full details.