Introducing the Shari Ulrich Songbird

“Music is humans at their best”

— Shari Ulrich

I am truly honored to announce the joint collaboration between Ms. Shari Ulrich and Craven Tenor Guitars and creation of the Shari Ulrich Songbird O body Tenor Guitar, Model 265.

From the time Ms. Ulrich received her 327R, she has been the driving force behind the development of the Model 265.

Ms Ulrich is a 2 time Juno award winning singer, writer and recording artist with a musical library of 25 albums and a music carrier that began in the 1970s. With awards and accolades beyond measure, Ms Ulich has forever been a warm spirit, humanitarian and captivating artist. An accomplished and dynamic performer, Shari makes any sized audience feel they are in her living room – drawn in by her insightful lyrics, and her engaging warmth and humor.

Ms. Ulrich’s music room is filled her actively played instruments. Mandolin, guitar, violin, dulcimer, flute, piano and tenor guitars. If there is any artist who can bring out the most of a Tenor guitar and it’s countless tuning possibilities, it is her.

Ms Ulrich’s focus on detail and direction in our development of the Shari Ulrich Songbird has charted the course that allows us to bring you a truly professional standards Tenor guitar. A guitar that is at home on stage yet relaxed for playing on your sofa. A guitar of heirloom quality built to bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

Today, I present to you,
The Shari Ulrich Songbird.

Defined by its premium quality woods and crafting, the Shari Ulrich Songbird is an authentic representation of the classic 0 body size guitar. Using hand selected solid Sitka Spruce, select Mahogany in its body and hard Canadian maple for the neck, the individual components work in unison to create a clear, bright and authentic tone. Distinguished in its tonal beauty, abalone accents the tone woods without detracting from their natural beauty. Adding to the ideal combinations of visual elegance and majestic voice, the onboard Craven EXLR8 opens a new world of tonal control and creative possibilities.

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