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Craven Tenor Guitars, we apply a strong measure of Community, Artistry, and Transparency to all of our decisions. We are committed to our business ethics.

Community We are committed to our business ethics, our employees, our neighbors and our community. This means that we pay our employees well, that we provide benefits where we can, that we give them opportunities to grow and contribute, and that they share in our successes. This means we try to build connections and consensus, and that all involved with the creation of our guitars share our successes. We are focused on our goals and responsibilities as guitar artisans, we do not watch other tenor guitar makers or perceive them as competition. This means we’re committed to business integrity and harmony rather than seeking or focusing on adversarial competition. Our home is the tenor guitar community, we are inclusive of individuals of visible and hidden minorities.
Artistry We are committed to doing things right and to a cycle of perpetual development. We will be constantly refining our product line to bring you a phenomenal tenor guitar. We devote time every week to personal and professional development. We are committed to leading healthy and fulfilled lives, and to building a healthy and contributing business. Also, and somewhat more directly, we are committed to building inroads in the Tenor Guitar community and supporting it wherever possible.
Transparency Transparency is foundational to all of our decisions. We will not be perfect, but we will try to share anything and everything that effects the quality, delivery or availability of our Tenor Guitars for you to peruse.

Shari Ulrich
Model 265 Shari Ulrich Songbird Co-Designer
For over four decades, accomplished singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Shari Ulrich has been winning hearts across North America with her voice, songs and on-stage charisma. A two-time JUNO-winner among other awards, she has recorded 25 albums as a solo artist and with the legendary Pied Pumkin, The Hometown Band, UHF, BTU and The High Bar Gang.

John Lawlor,
Inductee to the Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame.
Model 350JLS Co-Designer
“John Lawlor is the greatest jazz tenor guitar virtuoso past or present. He creates difficult movements on four strings that only a rare genius could hear… He has the mind of a great composer and the rhythm, heart and soul of a great musician.” – Mark Josephs, Tenor Guitar Foundation founder

John Lawlor learned to play the banjo by ear, and played with the Philadelphia Mummers String Band when he was only 12 years old.
John was a member of the Chris Sooy Swing Band, which was chosen best band in Philadelphia by the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1979. 
As a member of the Showboat Casino Band, they were chosen best Dixieland band in the tri-state area by Philadelphia Magazine in 1996.

Chris Sooy said, “It probably wouldn’t have happened without John.”  John switched to the four string tenor guitar for the prettier sound, and has played the tenor guitar for 50 years.

John is a musician’s musician, whose innovative arrangements of jazz and swing, and beautiful chord melodies got him inducted into the Tenor Guitar Hall of Fame in 2016.

LedFreddie Nelson resides in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada, has traveled world wide and has been collecting and restoring archtop guitars for 40 years. Inspired by names like Gretsch, Marin, Rickbacker, SS Steward, Egmond and Gibson, Led has developed an overwhelming fondness for the unique sounds and playability of Tenor Guitars.

fond of pre 1960’s Music, Led found himself playing in “the Del-Rays”, A gritty Rockabilly band in the 1970’s. Today his love of music embraces all genre and he loves the pleasure he hears in the music created by owners of craven tenor guitars world wide.

Forever lost in a world of Vintage Guitars and Hot Rods, LedFreddie’s passion has spawn the new age of Archtop Tenor Guitars with the release of Big Jake, the first Production Archtop Tenor Guitar since the 1960s. The first Big Jake Model 327T was sold june 20,2022. In 2023, the Craven Tenor guitar brand expanded to include the Shari ulrich 265 O body Tenor guitar, Le Belle Creole biscuit Resonator Tenor Guitar and the alluring 1919SBD parlor tenor guitar.

There’s always a new Tenor design on Leds drawing board so theres little time to sit back and take it easy. You may not hear LedFreddie playing and he admits to enjoying playing on his deck rather than playing in public. Ledfreddie’s position in music is that of a designer combining tone woods and man made components to craft unique tenor guitars of heirloom quality that are attainable at affordable prices.

To date LedFreddie has Designed Craven Tenor Guitar Models 216, 265, 283,327,350JLS as well as the upcoming 1919SBD and 283SBD.

Dealership inquiries welcomed.
How To Reach Us. Craven.Tenor.guitars@gmail.com

How To Reach Us.
Craven Tenor Guitars
472 Lakewood, Rd, Vernon, B.C. Canada V1H 2B9
ph. 778 747 3646

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